No matter how messy it is, we do the best.

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Welcome drinks
International buffet dinner
Live entertainment dance show
Soft Drinks
Hot Beverages
BBQ items

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Trip Days

Thursday, Friday & saturday


6 PM to 8 PM


155 AED, 35 €, 40 $

A group tour means you’ll stay under the radar, travel the local way and eat the local way. Enjoy the view of the city from afar.


We’re all about celebrating the milestones in life at Royal Yacht event venue. Enjoy with  your family celebration, this is it.


We are the perfect destination for a wedding event. Say your vow of love to each other while remembering your wedding for years to come.


Host your private events at the Royal Yacht and be ensured your event will be a success because of our dedicated service. Make your event unique.